Our People

EnviroLine's editors are professionals who you can trust to bring you accurate, fair and balanced coverage of environment business news.

Managing Editor: Mark Lowey

EnviroLine’s managing editor is Mark Lowey, a national award-winning professional journalist.

With more than 35 years of contacts in the environment business community, Mark recognizes the emerging and important trends, issues and stories that are often missed, ignored or glossed over by the mainstream news media.

Mark worked as a reporter at the Calgary Herald for 20 years, where he became one of the newspaper’s few “senior journalists,” a designation reserved for reporters whose work was recognized by the community, including at the national level.

His work has garnered several national awards, including the first Canadian Petroleum Association-Banff Centre award for environmental journalism, a Governor-General’s Michener citation, and two Canadian Science Writers’ Association awards in the same year. He also received the first Alberta Science and Technology Foundation award for journalism.

In 2016, Mark received the Engineers Canada Award of Journalism Excellence in Engineering.


Editor: Elona Malterre

EnviroLine’s editor is Elona Malterre, a professional writer and published author with three decades of writing and teaching experience in numerous genres. Her books include the historical novel The Last Wolf of Ireland.


Contributing Writers

EnviroLine draws regularly on work by writers in western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, including those in academia, industry and government. Our contributing writers include or have included:

-- Sharon Szmolyan, a catalyst, founder and managing partner of the Alberta Media Investment Fund. Her focus is risk management in the entertainment and energy industries, and she divides her time between Los Angeles and Calgary. Click here for bio.

-- Michal C. Moore, Distinguished Fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary and a visiting scholar and research associate at Cornell University and a research fellow at the Atkinson Centre for a Sustainable Economy at Cornell.

-- Joe Arvai, Max McGraw Professor of Sustainable Enterprise in the School of Natural Resources & Environment, and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

-- Nattalia Lea, a professional engineer based in Calgary, and the author of two books, Revenge of the Computer Widow and Miracles for the Entrepreneur.