Managing Editor - Mark Lowey

EnviroLine’s managing editor is Mark Lowey, a national award-winning professional journalist.

With more than 26 years of contacts in the environment business community, Mark recognizes the emerging and important trends, issues and stories that are often missed, ignored or glossed over by the general news media.

Mark worked as a reporter at the Calgary Herald for 20 years, where he became one of the newspaper’s few “senior journalists,” a designation reserved for reporters whose work was recognized by the community, including at the national level.

His work has garnered several national awards, including the first Canadian Petroleum Association-Banff Centre award for environmental journalism, a Governor-General’s Michener citation, and two Canadian Science Writers’ Association awards in the same year. He also received the first Alberta Science and Technology Foundation award for journalism.


Editor - Elona Malterre

EnviroLine’s editor is Elona Malterre, a professional writer and published author with nearly three decades of writing and teaching experience in numerous genres.


Freelance Writers

EnviroLine draws regularly on work by some of western Canada’s most respected and knowledgeable freelance writers. Frequent contributors include:

  • Barbara D. Janusz holds degrees in Political Science and Law from the University of Alberta.  She has practiced law, and taught law and managment at SAIT polytechnic and Mount Royal University in Calgary.  She has published short stories, poetry, essays, editorials and book reviews in various literary journals, newspapers, magazines and anthologies and has been a contributing writer for EnviroLine since 2005.
  • Leah Lawrence, a writer and oilpatch engineer in Calgary.
  • Monte Stewart, a Vancouver-based author and regular contributor to Business Edge magazine.


Editorial Boards

EnviroLine is guided by two editorial advisory boards, one in Alberta and one in British Columbia, to ensure our coverage fairly reflects our publication’s diverse readership.

Editorial board members are highly regarded professionals with many years of experience in environmental, business, legal, resources sector and sustainability issues.

Members of the Alberta Editorial Board are:

  • Brian Bietz, Bietz Resources Ltd.
  • Doug Bruchet, Consultant, former Senior Vice-President, Environmental & Energy Research, Canadian Energy Research Institute
  • Howard Heffler, Environmental Consultant
  • Scott Miller, Petro-Canada Inc.

Members of the B.C. Editorial Board are:

  • Aldyen Donnelly, Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium (GEMCo)
  • Robert Falls, International Offsets Unlimited Inc.
  • Patrick Moore, Greenspirit Strategies
  • William Rees, University of British Columbia
  • David Van Seters, The Sustainability Ventures Group Inc.


Web Site - Derek McBurney

EnviroLine’s web site was developed by Derek McBurney. In addition to running his web site development business dmcb design, he's also involved in teaching students in the Calgary area about environmental sustainability with the my world, my choice! project.